SPARC T3 Processor

The Industry's Most Scalable System on a Chip
The SPARC T3 processor is the industry's first 16 core processor with 128 threads incorporated into a design that integrates all the key functions of a system into a single processor: computing, networking, security, and I/O, all powered by Oracle Solaris. Used in Oracle's SPARC T3 servers, it delivers the scalability and performance you need to meet next generation computing requirements for Web services, middleware applications, and OLTP databases.


  • Rapidly scales for delivery of network services with maximum efficiency and predictability by utilizing up to 16 SPARC cores
  • Delivers extensive power saving features across the full system stack, from the software to the micro-architecture, and down to the transistor level
  • Drives high capacity network intensive content and eliminates storage bottlenecks with dual, multi-threaded, on-chip 10GbE ports
  • Best-in-class enterprise data center security using 16 cryptographic accelerator units provides wire speed security capabilities
  • Built-in virtualization technology runs up to 128 domains on one processor, enabling dynamic scaling and resource utilization for simpler operations
  • Oracle Solaris binary compatibility guaranteed


  • Up to 16 SPARC V9 cores
  • Frequency: 1.65 GHz
  • 40nm process technology
  • Up to 128 threads per CPU


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