Oracle Unveils New SPARC Servers
with the World’s Fastest Microprocessor

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Oracle announced two new SPARC processors, SPARC T5 and SPARC M5, and introduced a portfolio of newly integrated systems based on these chips at a launch event on March 26. All the systems announced use a common architecture and processor core, and offer industry leading price/performance advantages for customers running applications on Oracle Solaris.

Live SPARC Launch Event on March 26

Larry Ellison Quote

This is way faster. Period.
Larry Ellison
Oracle CEO

Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison said that the SPARC T5 is the world's fastest microprocessor and that the new SPARC T5-based systems set 17 world records on industry-standard benchmarks. The new systems deliver dramatically better performance than the IBM Power Series. On the single-node TPC-C, benchmark, the SPARC T5-8 beat IBM Power 770 and 780 and delivered the highest result of any single server in the world.

"It’s fascinating," Ellison said. "It’s not very big, but there’s been no single server that’s ever run the database faster than this on an official benchmark."

Oracle also introduced the SPARC M5-32 server, a mainframe-class system designed for very large business-critical workloads and server consolidation. The SPARC M5-32 server delivers massive system scalability and performance with up to 32 SPARC M5 processors and 32 TB of system memory. It offers the most comprehensive virtualization technologies in a single-server cabinet for increased utilization, server consolidation, and security. The SPARC M5-32 also supports, at no extra cost, Oracle’s Dynamic Domains, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, and the Oracle Solaris Zones feature.

Building on the success of its SPARC T4 servers, Oracle has now completely refreshed its SPARC server family. The new SPARC T5 servers extend the current portfolio of T4 servers, and are targeted at midrange computing, while the massively scalable SPARC M5-32 is the company's new mainframe-class system.

Oracle's SPARC systems are Cloud-ready with performance automation and security built in. Engineered to run Oracle applications better than any other platform, they can accelerate your business processes while reducing operational and capital expenses.

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