Fujitsu M10-4 Server

Mainframe Reliability with Industry-Leading Virtualization

The Fujitsu M10-4 server is a compact, high-performance, 64-core, midrange server with no-cost virtualization that is ideal for deploying mission-critical applications.

  • Fujitsu M10-4 Server
  • Fujitsu M10-4 Server
  • Fujitsu M10-4 Server
  • Fujitsu M10-4 Server
Feature Benefit
Mainframe-class RAS features including automatic recovery with instruction retry, up to 2 TB of system memory with error-correcting code (ECC) protection and extended ECC support, guaranteed data path integrity, and configurable memory mirroring

High availability to support the most demanding mission-critical applications

Supports Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Solaris 10

Assures investment protection with the Oracle Solaris 100% binary compatibility guarantee

Software-on-Chip instructions in SPARC64 X+ processor hardware

Accelerates key software functions

CPU activation

Minimize initial investment and expensive upgrades by scaling resources as needed

No-cost Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle VM Server for SPARC virtualization technologies

Maximizes system utilization and reduces costs

Up to four SPARC64 X+ 3.4 GHz 16-core processors with 24 MB of level 2 cache

Up to 64 cores in a small 4U form factor

Oracle 1-800-633-0738
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