SPARC M6-32 Server

Extreme Price/Performance. In-Memory Computing.

Powered by the new SPARC M6 processors, the SPARC M6-32 server is Oracle's big memory machine. With up to 32 terabytes of memory for running workloads completely in-memory, the SPARC M6-32 server delivers extreme performance for the largest mission-critical workloads. Unlike competitive large servers the SPARC M6-32 has the same price/performance as entry-level servers meaning no price premium for the benefits of a large server.

  • SPARC M6-32 Server
  • SPARC M6-32 Server
  • SPARC M6-32 Server
  • SPARC M6-32 Server
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  • Extreme performance levels with up to 32 new 12-core, 3.6Ghz SPARC M6 processors and up to 32 TB of system memory to host entire applications and databases in memory
  • Near-linear pricing delivers the same price/performance as Oracle's smaller T-series servers and provides large-scale server benefits without the pricing premium of big servers
  • The most comprehensive set of built-in, zero-overhead virtualization technologies brings unparalleled efficiency in running all business critical workloads in a single system
  • The highest availability and component redundancy in Oracle's SPARC server portfolio
  • Guaranteed application binary compatibility for Oracle Solaris applications, with OS version flexibility

Customer Success Stories

Lombardia Informatica Expands Investment in Oracle’s SPARC Servers to Support Development of Lombardy’s Health Information System

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What's New

Revolutionizing Server Economics

Revolutionizing Server Economics

Near linear pricing of the SPARC T5 and SPARC M6-32 servers revolutionizes server economics

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What's New with SPARC M6-32 Server

Press Release

Oracle Unveils Its Fastest and Most Scalable Server and Engineered System - the SPARC M6-32 and Oracle SuperCluster M6-32

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