Netra SPARC T5-1B Server Module

Data-Intensive and Enterprise Workload Powerhouse

Oracle’s Netra SPARC T5-1B carrier grade server module and Oracle’s Sun Netra 6000 modular system combine to create a modular network infrastructure for data-intensive and enterprise workloads. Designed for mission-critical applications in telecommunications, military, and the public sector, it provides the highest levels of performance, reliability, scalability, and security.

  • Netra SPARC T5-1B Server Module
  • Netra SPARC T5-1B Server Module
  • Netra SPARC T5-1B Server Module
  • Netra SPARC T5-1B Server Module
Feature Benefit
Sixteen-core 3.6GHz SPARC T5 processor with 128 threads per system

The increased core count (from 8 to 16) more than doubles the throughput performance while the faster processor speed delivers increased single-threaded performance

Runs Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Solaris 10

Guaranteed binary compatibility and support for legacy applications

On-chip encryption instruction accelerators

Provides high levels of security without sacrificing application performance

Built-in, no-cost Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris Zones

Provides the flexibility and power of up to 128 virtual systems in a single SPARC T5-1B server module

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) is the service processor embedded on all Oracle SPARC T-Series servers

Enables full out-of-band management for remote management capability

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center for comprehensive systems management

Dramatically improves the efficiency of network operations with integrated lifecycle management and built-in automation

NEBS level 3 certified

Ensures highly available operation in challenging environments while reducing risk and costs

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