SPARC Servers

Extreme Performance, Industry-Leading Availability, and Value

Oracle’s portfolio of SPARC servers redefines the economics of enterprise computing by delivering extreme performance for the most demanding workloads. From entry level to high-end systems, Oracle servers are the best platforms for Oracle Database, middleware, and critical business applications.

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  • Simplify IT, cut costs, and increase business agility with Oracle’s SPARC T5 and M6 servers
  • SPARC servers and Oracle Solaris 11 provide the best foundation for Cloud infrastructures
  • The SPARC M6-32 server can host entire applications and databases in memory for unprecedented performance levels
  • SPARC servers have set more than 20 world record benchmarks delivering the best performance and value for customers running database and enterprise applications
  • Built-in, zero-overhead virtualization capabilities and a unified systems management framework are available across all SPARC servers

Analyst Reports

Edison Group

Edison Group: Oracle SPARC Advantages vs. x86/RHEL/VMware

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Edison Group: Enterprise Server Infrastructure Cost of

Edison Group: Oracle SPARC T5-2 vs. IBM Power 750 Cost of Ownership

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Video: Why Move Business Applications from IBM to Oracle (8:23)

What's New

In-Memory Acceleration for all Applications

In-Memory Acceleration for all Applications

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Success on SPARC

Success on SPARC

The latest SPARC chips and systems are at the center of better business processes

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Get Extreme Performance Out of Your Data Center

Get Extreme Performance Out of Your Data Center

Build a data center designed to meet today’s challenges

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Read What Customers and Partners Are Saying

Read What Customers and Partners Are Saying

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