SPARC T5-2 Server

Fast, Secure and Built for the Enterprise

Oracle's SPARC T5-2 server is ideal for IT organizations seeking to drive down the cost and complexity of their operations while delivering faster application response times and better overall application service availability.

  • SPARC T5-2 Server
  • SPARC T5-2 Server
  • SPARC T5-2 Server
  • SPARC T5-2 Server
Feature Benefit
Extreme performance and price/performance with the world's fastest microprocessor

Systems and software engineered for maximum performance drive up end user productivity levels by delivering faster application response times and service availability

Efficient Oracle virtualization allows applications to meet response time SLAs

Oracle's SPARC T5-2 server using Oracle VM Server for SPARC exhibits dramatically lower network latency under virtualization than a popular virtualization solution

Built in encryption security with no performance overhead

Integrated, on-chip crypto acceleration provides high levels of security without sacrificing application performance

The most comprehensive lifecycle management with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Oracle provides lower TCO with a unified portfolio of tools for managing systems and cloud environments, including a set of no-cost tools that work across all of our hardware and all of our operating systems

Runs Oracle Solaris 11, recommended by Oracle for enhanced performance and functionality. Can also run Oracle Solaris 10, 9 and 8.

Protect your application software investment by moving existing Solaris applications unchanged to a faster system with the latest operating system version, using the guaranteed binary compatibility of Oracle Solaris, the #1 UNIX OS

Improved efficiency in deployment with Oracle Optimized Solutions for SPARC.

Dramatically reduce time, effort and risk when deploying Oracle and third party applications

Improved efficiency and agility results in lower TCO

A recent independent study has shown that SPARC systems running Oracle Solaris can lower costs over a three-year period when compared to x86-based Linux systems

Outstanding value and business agility through hardware and software engineered together

With Oracle software and hardware working together, management gets easier. Performance and availability go up. Costs come down and time to deployment decreases drastically.

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