Oracle Solaris 11

Engineered for Cloud

Oracle Solaris 11.2 is a complete, integrated platform, combining OpenStack, software-defined networking, and built-in virtualization with a proven enterprise-class operating system.

  • Oracle Solaris 11

Joint innovations, co-engineered projects, and specific optimizations make Oracle Solaris 11 the best UNIX for your database, middleware, and applications deployments.

  • Joint engineering projects increase performance, security, and availability while reducing risk and simplifying administration
  • Provides a flexible, scalable, and secure platform to run your mission-critical Oracle Database and Oracle Applications services
  • Powers Oracle engineered systems - Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle SuperCluster, and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  • Powers both leading-edge SPARC servers and Sun x86 systems
  • Powers Oracle Optimized Solutions, which provide optimal performance and availability
  • Delivers auto-configurations, continuous enhancements, simplified lifecycle management, and one-stop support
Video: Office Depot Optimizes ERP by 20% with SPARC and Solaris (2:13)

When Oracle Solaris 11.2 is Used With the Following Technology It Delivers These Benefits
  • Provides accelerated, end-to-end security by offloading CPU-intensive security functions automatically onto the SPARC integrated crypto accelerator, greatly increasing performance and reducing risk by using encryption pervasively
  • Delivers record-breaking performance with Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Java, and Oracle Applications
Oracle Solaris Cluster
  • Reduces downtime for both database and applications
  • Provides high availability and disaster recovery across the globe
Oracle Solaris DTrace
  • Enables easy detection and resolution of bottlenecks in Java applications for highly optimized performance
Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Provides the best platform for secure multitenant database consolidation that can meet compliance requirements
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Announcing Oracle Solaris 11.2 - Engineered for Cloud
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