Oracle Solaris 11

The First Cloud OS

Solaris 11 brings the reliability, security and scalability of the #1 UNIX OS to the enterprise cloud; unleashes the power of the today's modern systems—including the SPARC T5 series, featuring the world's fastest microprocessors.

  • Oracle Solaris 11

Joint innovations, co-engineered projects, and specific optimizations make Oracle Solaris 11 the best UNIX for your Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Applications.

  • Joint engineering projects increase performance, security, and availability while reducing risk and simplifying administration
  • Oracle Solaris 11 provides a flexible, scalable, and secure platform to run your mission-critical Oracle Database and Oracle Applications
  • Oracle Solaris 11 powers the Oracle engineered systems Oracle Exadata Database Machine, SPARC SuperCluster, and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, as well as both leading-edge Oracle SPARC servers and Oracle’s Sun x86 systems
  • Oracle Optimized Solutions on Oracle Solaris 11 and uniquely matched components including Oracle's database, middleware, and enterprise applications are designed, tested, and fully documented architectures that provide optimal performance and availability
  • Oracle Solaris 11 provides accelerated end-to-end security by offloading CPU-intensive security functions automatically onto the SPARC T4 crypto accelerator, greatly increasing performance and enabling users to reduce risk by using encryption pervasively
  • In addition to Oracle Solaris Cluster, which provides high availability and disaster recovery, Oracle Solaris 11 is fine tuned to reduce downtime for Oracle Database and Oracle Applications
  • Integrating Oracle Solaris DTrace probes in Java enables easy detection and resolution of bottlenecks resulting in performance optimization of applications
  • Oracle Solaris Zones and the super scalability of Oracle Solaris 11 with its new memory management system provide the best platform for secure multitenant database consolidation that can meet compliance requirements
  • Oracle Solaris 11 delivers auto-configurations, continuous enhancements, simplified lifecycle management, and one-stop support
  • Oracle Solaris and SPARC with Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Java, and Oracle Applications hold many world-record benchmarks
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