Oracle Solaris 11

Engineered for Cloud

Oracle Solaris 11.2 is a complete, integrated platform, combining OpenStack, software-defined networking, and built-in virtualization with a proven enterprise-class operating system.

  • Oracle Solaris 11
Feature Benefit
OpenStack Distribution
  • Brings enterprise quality to OpenStack
  • Delivers a complete OpenStack distribution for both SPARC and x86
  • Provides one location to manage all your OpenStack services
  • Enables 0 to OpenStack in minutes
Designed-in, No-Compromise Virtualization for the Cloud
  • Provides the most efficient enterprise cloud virtualization with no performance loss and the highest consolidation ratios
  • Delivers the most scalable enterprise cloud virtualization running large-scale applications fully virtualized with no penalty
  • Provides built-in virtualization with no additional software or costs, and tight integration with lifecycle management, networking, and security
  • Extends zone functionality to allow independent zone kernels with independent patch/upgrade, providing much more flexibility in moving workloads
  • Provides unique read-only virtual environments, complementing Oracle Solaris security to provide protection for data at rest and in motion
Data at Cloud Scale with Oracle Solaris ZFS
  • Enables you to scale out design with unlimited capacity for future growth
  • Provides integrated ZFS encryption, compression, replication, snapshots, and cloning that provide measurable savings in comparison to competitive offerings
  • Reduces storage requirements via ZFS compression typically by 3X
  • Provides the best storage performance through flash-aware, tiered storage pools
Network Virtualization in the Cloud
  • Enables you to build your virtual network through software-defined networking (SDN) support that uses network fabric where possible and tunnel when needed
  • Allows you to build services that meet organizational performance requirements through application-driven network SLAs
  • Provides the ability to virtualize network topologies without buying additional networking hardware virtual networks, virtual NICs, virtual switches, as well as built-in load balancer, firewall, and router services
  • Enables you to securely model an entire data center topology in a single OS instance or spread across virtual environments on different systems for the flexibility you demand
Engineered Cloud Security at Every Level
  • Enables you to achieve compliance 10x faster with security features designed to meet the strictest compliance obligations
  • Helps prevents threats through anti-malware protection from hypervisor to application; lock down virtual machines or the global zone and make them read only for further protection
  • Provides the ability to sandbox applications, users, and virtual machines via centralized security requirements while delegating necessary access to business units for operational flexibility and centralized control
  • Delivers hardware-assisted cryptography on Oracle’s SPARC systems for Oracle Solaris applications, Oracle Database, Java JCE middleware, or any application
Cloud Deployment Simplified with Image Packaging System and New Software Lifecycle Management Tools
  • Enables fast updates and deployments through redesigned OS and software installation and lifecycle management tools
  • Provides one-step firmware to application updates plus easy rollback to the pre-change environment, reducing the largest source of downtime—human error
  • Delivers unified archives for creating or deploying virtual machine instances to or from physical or virtual environments; these archives can be used for disaster recovery, cloning, and simple backups. VM cloning is the foundation for rapid provisioning of application environments in the cloud
Engineered for Oracle Workloads
  • Best for Oracle Database and for Java
  • Hundreds of targeted projects across CPU, memory, file system, I/O, networking and security deliver the best database, middleware, and application performance when Oracle workloads run on Oracle Solaris
Guaranteed Compatibility
  • Ensures application investment protection
  • Enables you to run applications unchanged across Oracle Solaris releases
  • Ensures that recompiled applications are guaranteed to work on both SPARC and x86 systems
Platform Choice
  • Enables you to scale up or scale out on SPARC and x86 systems to match your organization's computing model(s)
  • Delivers value across a range of enterprise, general purpose, and specialized solutions on Oracle engineered systems including Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalogic and Oracle SuperCluster
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Announcing Oracle Solaris 11.2 - Engineered for Cloud
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