Oracle Solaris Studio

#1 Development Platform for Oracle Systems

Advanced C, C++, and Fortran development suite delivers the latest in compiler optimizations, multi-thread performance, and powerful analysis tools for the best application performance and reliability on Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux and RedHat Enterprise Linux.

  • Oracle Solaris Studio
  • Oracle Solaris Studio
  • Oracle Solaris Studio
  • Oracle Solaris Studio
Feature Benefit
Highly Optimized C, C++, and Fortran Compilers with Auto-parallelization Features

Utilizes advanced code generation technology to generate up to 300% faster code for the latest Oracle Sun T-series, M-series, and x86-based enterprise servers

Maximizes performance by automatically parallelizing loop-intensive applications


Ensures application stability with event handling and multi-thread support

Quickly debugs both Oracle Solaris Studio and GCC-produced binaries

Available via the command line, integrated into the IDE, or as a stand-alone graphical debugger to meet various user needs

Performance Library

Maximizes compute-intensive application performance across SPARC- and x86-based systems

Performance Analyzer

Easily identifies performance bottlenecks and improves performance by orders of magnitude

Handles concurrent processes to collect system-wide performance data, summarized at multiple levels of source granularity with graphical identification of bottlenecks

Provides unparalleled insight into C, C++, Fortran, and Java applications as well as multithreaded and distributed MPI-based applications

Code Analyzer

Ensures application reliability by detecting application vulnerabilities

Quickly tracks down common coding errors, including memory leaks and memory access violations

Identifies gaps in testing

Thread Analyzer

Simplifies complex parallel programming errors by detecting hard-to-pinpoint race and deadlock conditions

Detects race and deadlock conditions in production binaries, eliminating the need to recompile with instrumentation

OpenMP Support

Simplifies multicore development with full support for OpenMP 3.1, from compiling and debugging to tuning your application for optimal performance

Solaris Studio IDE

Enhances developer productivity with award-winning NetBeans-based IDE tailored for C, C++, and Fortran developers

Remote development capabilities enable the creation of Oracle Solaris or Linux server applications from Oracle Solaris, Linux, Windows, or Mac OS desktops

Streamlines C and C++ database application development for Oracle Database, MySQL, and other databases

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