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Advantages Over NetApp Filers

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Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Series, the next generation application engineered storage, delivers higher performance, greater efficiency, easier management, lower TCO, and deeper co-developed integration with Oracle Database and Oracle Applications when compared with NetApp’s products.

Oracle IT Relies on ZFS Storage Appliance

Oracle IT Relies on Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

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Top 7 Reasons Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Series is a Better Choice than NetApp


1. NetApp Filers Cost 266% More to Own and Operate

Industry analyst firm Wikibon recently conducted a comprehensive economic value analysis of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance compared to traditional filers, including NetApp. The Wikibon analysis looked at the four year total cost of ownership of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance compared to NetApp filers. For an environment with 400 terabytes, 4,000,000 IOPS, and an aggressive 50% writes, the NetApp filers cost 266% more to own and operate. Because NetApp filers require a lot more hardware and software to reach the required performance, that line item cost is 252% more than the ZFS Storage Appliance, while operations and maintenance cost 136% more. According to Wikibon, “The high-end ZFS storage array is the highest performing hybrid storage device that has been analyzed by Wikibon, and in a class of its own when it comes to high- write -I/O environments.”

2.  Up to 2x Better Performance with 2.7x Lower Cost and a Price-Performance Advantage of Over 3.9x

Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Series leverages the highly scalable Oracle Solaris operating system to take advantage of multiple processors and cores and more memory bandwidth to deliver faster performance and innovative data services. The Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-4 has five times as many cores as the high-end NetApp FAS 6250 filer, and the Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 system has two times as many cores as the mid-range NetApp FAS 3250. The combination of highly parallel operating system and hardware enables Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Series to perform complex processing for cache management, compression, deduplication, real-time storage analytics, and other data services without slowing down I/O throughput. The result? Up to 2x better performance with 2.7x lower cost and a price-performance advantage of over 3.9x than NetApp as shown on industry standard benchmarks.

3.  3x to 5x Reduction in Storage Footprint

Hybrid Columnar Compression, which is only available on Oracle storage, typically compresses historical Oracle Database data by 12x. NetApp filers don't support Hybrid Columnar Compression, so customers who are currently using them with Oracle Database for data warehouses or OLTP systems with partitions containing historical data can benefit from an immediate 3x to 5x reduction in their storage footprint by migrating to Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Series. As analyst Taneja Group states, "Oracle's Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) provides a great example of "application engineering" across product lines." And because most data services are included in ZFS Storage Appliances, annual software maintenance fees are greatly reduced compared to NetApp.

4.  Up to 3x Better Throughput in Oracle Environments

In some of Oracle's IT environments, the ZFS Storage Appliance has delivered three times the throughput of NetApp systems. In fact, Oracle is finding that five NetApp systems can be consolidated onto two or fewer ZFS Storage Appliances. This type of consolidation helps Oracle IT manage three times the amount of storage with the same number of storage administrators it used in the legacy NetApp environment. Plus, with InfiniBand connectivity and side-by-side development with Oracle Engineered Systems, ZFS Storage Appliances are the highest performing and lowest cost choice for engineered system data protection.

5.  Spend 36% Less Time Managing Storage

ZFS Storage ZS3 Series use newly-enhanced Hybrid Storage Pool technology to combine the performance of flash storage with the cost and reliability of hard disk drives. By engineering the complexity out of multi-tier storage solutions, these systems free storage administrators to accelerate application performance by fine tuning storage environments.

And, when it comes to fine tuning, storage administrators leverage the easy-to-use and information-rich DTrace Analytics browser user interface to manage ZFS Storage. In fact, the business consulting firm Edison Group has demonstrated that a ZFS Storage Appliance requires 36% less management time and 44% less time to troubleshoot compared to competing systems from NetApp. When all of the administrator tasks measured by Edison were taken into account, the ZFS Storage Appliance was calculated to save over $26,000 per year, per appliance when compared to managing a NetApp filer.

6.  Engineered with Oracle Database and Applications

As the next generation application engineered storage, Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Series continues to be co-developed with Oracle’s complete software stack, from Oracle Applications to Oracle Database and Oracle VM. The result is deep hardware and software integration that's not available on third-party storage systems, such as NetApp filers. For example, the combination of Oracle Database Hybrid Columnar Compression with high-bandwidth Infiniband networks enables Oracle Business Intelligence applications to deliver answers more quickly by loading data sets into its data warehouses 15x faster than a NetApp FAS system connected over 10Gigabit Ethernet.

Second, with Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol, a feature of Oracle Database 12c available only with Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Series, over 65% of the manual processes needed for database storage configuration and ongoing tuning are eliminated. With this direct line of communication between the database and storage you can free up over 3x of your administrative resources to focus on revenue generating activities instead of responding to database changes which can impact storage performance.

7.  Superior Virtualization Support

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, unlike NetApp, features a highly -threaded symmetric multi-processing (SMP) operating system that takes full advantage of advanced, multi-core CPUs providing superior support for SMP workloads such as VMware. This, together with the much larger cache than NetApp, enables ZFS Storage Appliances to support thousands of VMs per system, easily handling the highly threaded I/O that saturates the CPUs of conventional NetApp filers after only a few hundred VMs, leading customers to have to purchase yet more filers and to continuing filer sprawl.


Oracle is co-engineering storage with its entire software and hardware stack to bring applications, data, and storage closer together. Our goal is to help enterprises dramatically accelerate applications while using less physical storage capacity.

Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Series, the next-generation application engineered storage, offers a groundbreaking way to manage and expand your storage environment. With twice the performance and over 3x less cost of NetApp’s products, Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Series provides higher efficiency and scalability, and simplified management at a lower TCO compared to NetApp's offerings.

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