Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
Advantages Over NetApp Filers

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Oracle’s ZFS Storage ZS Series, the next generation application engineered storage, delivers higher performance, greater efficiency, easier management, lower TCO, and deeper co-engineered integration with Oracle Database and Oracle Applications when compared with NetApp’s products.

Speed. Simplicity. Savings. ZFS Storage Appliance

Speed. Simplicity. Savings. ZFS Storage Appliance

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Top 7 Reasons Oracle ZFS Storage ZS Series is a Better Choice than NetApp


1. NetApp Filers Cost 244% More to Own and Operate

Industry analyst Wikibon conducted a comprehensive economic value analysis of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance compared to traditional filers, including NetApp. The total four-year cost of ownership of the traditional NetApp filers was 244% higher or more, depending on the workload. According to Wikibon, "The high-end ZFS storage array is the highest performing hybrid storage device that has been analyzed by Wikibon, and in a class of its own when it comes to high-write I/O environments."

2. Up to 2x Better Performance, 2.7x Lower Cost and over 3.9x Price-Performance Advantage

Oracle ZFS Storage ZS Series leverages a multithreaded operating system, more CPU cores, a massive DRAM-centric architecture, and larger flash cache to deliver faster performance and innovative data services. The entry level Oracle ZS3-2 Storage Appliance has up to 2.7 times as many cores as NetApp’s FAS8020 model and 42X more memory and 4X more flash. The result? Up to 2x better performance with 2.7x lower cost and a price-performance advantage of over 3.9x than NetApp as shown on industry standard benchmarks.

3. 3x to 5x Reduction in Storage Footprint

Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression, which is only available on Oracle storage, typically compresses historical Oracle Database data by 12x. NetApp filers don't support Hybrid Columnar Compression. For data warehouses and archive data, customers can benefit from an immediate 3x to 5x reduction in their storage footprint by migrating to Oracle ZFS Storage ZS Series. As analyst DCIG states, "Without HCC, running Oracle Database is like operating a car in degraded mode."

4. Spend 73% Less Time Managing Storage

When it comes to fine tuning, storage administrators leverage the easy-to-use and information-rich DTrace Analytics to manage Oracle ZFS Storage. In fact, Strategic Focus has demonstrated that an Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance requires 36% fewer steps and 73% less time for total analytics, including analysis and troubleshooting in VM environments, compared to competing systems from NetApp. Save valuable time and ensure performance and uptime easier and faster.

5.  Engineered with Oracle Database and Applications

As the next-generation application-engineered storage, Oracle ZFS Storage ZS Series continues to be co-engineered with Oracle’s complete software stack for deep hardware and software integration that's not available on third-party storage systems, including NetApp filers. For example, Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol, a feature of Oracle Database 12c available only with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, eliminates over 65% of the manual processes needed for database storage tuning. With this direct line of communication between the database and storage you can free up over 3x of your administrative resources to focus on revenue generating activities. With the latest version of OISP, ZS Analytics can reduce the steps to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks in Oracle Database 12c pluggable database environments by 67%.

6. Superior Virtualization Support

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, unlike NetApp, takes full advantage of advanced, multi-core CPUs providing superior support for SMP workloads such as VMware. This, together with a much larger cache than what NetApp offers, enables Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances to support tens of thousands of VMs per system and avoid boot storms by easily booting 16,000 VMs in 7 minutes. Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance easily handles the unpredictable, highly threaded I/O that saturates the CPUs of conventional NetApp filers after only a few hundred VMs, leading customers to have to purchase yet more filers, leading to filer sprawl.

7. 11x Faster Backup than NetApp

With ever-shrinking backup windows, the last thing you need is a slow backup system for Oracle engineered systems. And, if you need to restore your data, you want it to be available and restored quickly so you can get your business applications back online. Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for Backup and Recovery backs up data 11X faster and restores data 7X faster than NetApp. To meet your backup/restore SLAs choose Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance over NetApp filers.


Oracle is co-engineering storage with its entire software and hardware stack to bring applications, data, and storage closer together. Our goal is to help enterprises dramatically accelerate applications while using less physical storage capacity.

Oracle ZFS Storage ZS Series, the next-generation application engineered storage, offers a groundbreaking way to manage and expand your storage environment. With twice the performance and over 3x less cost of NetApp’s products, Oracle ZFS Storage ZS Series provides higher efficiency and scalability and simplified management at a lower TCO compared to NetApp's offerings.

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