Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Card

Flash Away I/O Bottlenecks
Turbocharge your applications instantly, improve response times, and reduce I/O latency with Oracle's Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Card. Based on Oracle’s Sun FlashFire technology, it delivers the I/O performance of over 300 disk drives to eliminate storage I/O bottlenecks and help your servers and applications run faster and more efficiently.

Key Applications

  • Databases
  • Storage grids
  • Other I/O Intensive Applications
  • Financial modeling


  • Accelerate applications, improve response times, and get more out of your server investments
  • Improve productivity, space utilization and power efficiency
  • Reduces storage latencies and eliminates I/O bottlenecks
  • High-performance, high-reliability Sun FlashFire technology
  • Easy to use; no special software or drivers required


  • Over 100K IOPS read performance
  • 96GB storage capacity
  • Low-profile PCIe form factor
  • Supported on Sun Servers
  • Supports Oracle Database Smart Flash Cache and Solaris ZFS Hybrid Storage
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