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  • Announcing Oracle's Next-Generation Application Engineered Storage
    Growing databases. Storage sprawl. IT staff spending more time manually tuning storage. Demands for faster response times. Costs exceeding budgets. Do those challenges sound familiar? They should if you’re still using application-unaware, conventional storage. Oracle’s next-generation Application Engineered Storage solutions is the only storage co-engineered to work with Oracle Database and Oracle Applications. Get ready to meet our newest storage products that can help your enterprise increase application performance, while reducing sprawl and complexity.
  • Oracle Announces Record Breaking Technology for Digital Archives
    The explosive growth of digital content combined with new compliance and data retention requirements is driving the need for comprehensive, long-term strategies for digital archiving. Hear how to store exabytes of data on a system that is easy to access and manage, while also lowering the TCO of long-term archives. Learn how Oracle is broadening the adoption of tape storage in markets with large content assets, such as media and entertainment, healthcare, oil & gas and large-scale cloud deployments.
  • Storage and Applications Engineered Together. Oracle Has It, NetApp Doesn't
    Today's modern, Oracle data centers are demanding more than general purpose NetApp storage can deliver. After all, it's no longer enough to simply get raw performance, capacity, and data protection from your storage. To really improve application efficiencies, optimize performance, and ultimately lower storage costs, built-in integration from the storage layer up through the database and application stack is essential. In this webcast, Marc Staimer of Dragon Slayer Consulting discusses with Oracle storage executives how Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance uniquely delivers this integration - and, how NetApp doesn't. We'll look specifically at the innovative features and functionality that you can use to compare Sun ZFS Storage to NetApp filers, and the benefits you can achieve with a move to Oracle.
  • Is Unstructured Data Mission-Critical?
    With the advent of unstructured data sources, many enterprises are finding their data models are broken and their ability to implement analytics, except on standalone systems, at a standstill. The analytics systems of the future will be integrated and end-to-end. They will deploy purposed-aligned storage, recognize data retention needs, and align those needs with cost. This webcast will discuss an integrated end-to-end data model, its implications on data center storage systems and networking, and how we expect this model to evolve in the near future to allow Oracle customers to optimize the value derived from all of their data.
  • Taming the Digital Media Explosion – How One Customer Delivers Archive-as-a-Service
    The explosive growth of unstructured data combined with new compliance and data retention requirements are injecting change into enterprise strategies for long term data storage. In this webcast we will discuss what factors in the enterprise business ecosystem are driving the need for comprehensive, long-term digital archiving strategies. We look beyond regulatory compliance and corporate governance to see how the explosive growth of digital media assets in the enterprise is causing CIOs and IT staff to re-think their long term storage strategies. Discover how one Oracle customer, T3 Media, is using Oracle hardware and software behind a state-of-the-art, Archive-as-a-Service offering to solve these problems for the Media & Entertainment industry.
  • Data Center Storage Trends for 2013
    The storage issues you're going to face in 2013 are not a surprise. Demands on storage will keep increasing while your budgets keep decreasing. In this webcast, Ravi Pendekanti, Vice President, Systems Product Marketing at Oracle and guest speaker Laura DuBois, Program Vice President, Storage Practice at IDC will discuss the top data center storage trends and how Oracle's new and emerging technologies will help you stay ahead of those ever-increasing challenges.
  • Selecting The Right Storage for Your Enterprise Cloud
    No matter where you are on your journey to the private cloud, choosing the right storage platform is critical. In this webcast, Oracle's storage experts will discuss the top challenges that enterprises deploying private clouds face, including VM performance, storage efficiency and utilization, and storage management complexity. Learn the essential features and capabilities that you should be looking for in a storage platform as you build your private cloud strategy.
  • The Next Generation of Mainframe Tape Storage
    The way you manage your mainframe data affects your top-line growth and bottom-line efficiency. Now you can have the world's most advanced, most complete optimized storage for your mainframe environment - the new Oracle's StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager System 6.
  • Performance Benchmarking: Is Your NAS Storage Up to the Test
    Oracle has recently released high-performing results across not one, not two, but three industry benchmarks. But what does this mean for your environment? When storage performance metrics are viewed in some detail, they can give you great insight into the potential service levels of your business. Join us to learn more about how key performance metrics can help you make informed choices in your IT architecture
  • Extreme Database Performance Meets Its Backup and Recovery Match
    Oracle’s Sun ZFS Backup Appliance is a tested, validated and supported backup appliance specifically tuned for Oracle engineered system backup and recovery. The Sun ZFS Backup Appliance is easily integrated with Oracle engineered systems and provides an integrated high-performance backup solution that reduces backup windows by up to 7x and recovery time by up to 4x compared to competitor engineered systems backup solutions.
  • Rethink Your Data Storage with the Oracle Pillar Axiom - The Intelligent Alternative to EMC
    For organizations running Oracle software, the Pillar Axiom 600 is an ideal fit for consolidating storage for multiple Oracle Databases or Oracle Applications. It is also a good choice for EMC Clarion customers nearing the end of a lease agreement. Rather than upgrading to the EMC VNX product family, this is the perfect juncture to make the switch to Oracle's Pillar Axiom 600.
  • Accelerating Database Development & Testing with Oracle Storage
    Cloning your databases for recovery, development, test, and quality assurance can be demanding on your storage infrastructure. Learn how Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance helps you create, test, develop and recover databases quickly and safely - using minimal storage.
  • Improve Database Capacity Management with Oracle Storage and Hybrid Columnar Compression
    Dave Krenik, Storage Solution Specialist and Mark Mulligan, Exadata Pillar Specialist discuss how Oracle's hybrid columnar compression (HCC) feature - which is now supported on Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance and Pillar Axiom 600 - can help customers better manage the lifecycle of data using in-database archiving for OLTP databases and data warehouses. Using Hybrid Columnar Compression in these environments, customers can achieve 3x to 5x reductions in their storage footprints, energy usage and cost by replacing existing EMC and NetApp SAN and NAS storage with Oracle storage solutions.
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