Sun Flash Accelerator F80 PCIe Card

Accelerate your databases and I/0-Starved Applications

Oracle’s Sun Flash Accelerator F80 PCIe Card helps applications run faster and servers more efficiently with better response and increased I/O throughput. The F80 delivers outstanding IO performance, reliability and consistent low latency for accelerating applications, improving productivity and business response. It’s ideal for use as Oracle’s Database Smart Flash Cache.

  • Sun Flash Accelerator F80 PCIe Card
  • Sun Flash Accelerator F80 PCIe Card
  • Sun Flash Accelerator F80 PCIe Card
  • Sun Flash Accelerator F80 PCIe Card
Feature Benefit
800 GB capacity

More Flash capacity to use as cache or very high performance tier “0” in-server storage for accelerating applications and improving productivity

Over 155K random IOPS (8K), and 2.1 GB/sec throughput performance

I/O performance of over 400 disk drives at a fraction of their power and space improves productivity, efficiency and TCO.

0.084 msec write latency

Consistent low latency for faster application and business response

Advanced on-board controllers

Provide greater performance and compatibility with minimum CPU burden. Helps servers and applications run faster and more efficient.

Enhanced endurance

Up to 20X the write endurance of other Flash cards with standard flash controllers for better usage and reliability

Proactive health monitoring

Advanced health and write endurance monitoring for added protection and durability

Enterprise reliability and data protection

Years of trouble free, maintenance free, operation

Optimized for Oracle Database Smart Flash Cache

Delivers maximum performance, efficiency, and ease of use with less cost and capacity for Oracle database environments running Oracle Database 11gR2 and above

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