Sun Solid State Drives

Over 100x More IOPS than HDDs

Oracle's new generation 400 GB enterprise SSD delivers over 100x better performance than hard disk drives (HDD), enabling faster data access and applications response while reducing power and space. Designed for general purpose in-server use, it offers excellent performance, extended endurance and consistently low latency.

  • Sun Solid State Drives
Feature Benefit
400 GB Capacity

Higher capacity, low cost/GB reliable enterprise Flash storage

60K random read, 36K random write IOPS

High random read and write I/O performance for accelerating applications and reducing power cost. Better IOPS per dollar, lower power and cooling than disk storage.

45us read, 65us write latency

Consistent low latency performance for improving application response times, increasing productivity and system efficiency

End to end data protection

Ensures end-to-end data integrity protection against any possible memory or in transit data corruption. Protects data from the time it enters the SSD to the time it leaves for greater reliability.

High reliability and endurance

No moving parts for improved reliability. Enhanced write endurance for greater durability and 2 million hours MTBF

Easy to install and manage

Fully tested and qualified with Oracle’s servers and software for optimum performance, compatibility and ease of use

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