Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Application Engineered Storage

Feature Benefit
Co-engineered with Oracle software, engineered systems, and servers.

Accelerate business performance, increase productivity, reduce IT spend and risk, and speed time to market

Exclusive support for Oracle Database Hybrid Columnar Compression

Lower storage cost and capacity by up to 12x, speed database performance by 5x over the competition

Exclusive Oracle Database 12c Communication Protocol (Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol)

Reduce database setup and tuning by over 65% to speed time to market and reduce management overhead.

DRAM-optimized (DRAM is 1000x faster than flash)

High performance for any workload.

Hybrid Storage Pools with automated use of DRAM, Flash, and hard drives.

Dynamically and intelligently serves 70-90% of I/O from the fastest possible media (DRAM).

DTrace Analytics advanced management and monitoring

Rapidly tune and troubleshoot to realize up to 73% less storage administration cost than NetApp.

Simultaneous multiprotocol support across multiple network interconnects, including GbE, 10 GbE, 8 Gb and 16 Gb fibre channel, and InfiniBand

Reduce complexity by consolidating multiple storage interconnects into one system, simplifying deployment and reducing risk

ZFS file system with advanced error detection and self-healing capabilities

Virtually eliminate the risk of undetected data corruption and automates storage failure remediation

Built-in Advanced Data Services

Optimize capacity and data protection to reduce cost and meet SLAs.

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