Sun ZFS Storage 7320 Appliance

High-Availability Storage with Hybrid Storage Pools

Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage 7320 appliance offers high-availability, up to 192 TB of capacity, simplified management, industry-leading storage analytics, and unmatched data integrity. Accelerate data access with up to 4 TB of read-cache, 288 GB of write-cache, and a rich suite of data services.


  • Consolidation of virtualized application environments
  • Windows infrastructure and file-sharing environments
  • General-purpose file sharing/storage (home directories)
  • Web storage


  • Entry-level cluster for high availability
  • Easy-to-use management interface reduces management costs
  • Hybrid Storage Pools deliver breakthrough performance
  • Scales to 192 TB to keep pace with your growing business
  • Uses 1 TB and 2 TB high-capacity SAS drives


Feature Benefit
High-availability, entry-level cluster option Ensures maximum availability of data
Configurable with up to 4 TB of read cache and optional write-optimized cache Enhanced application performance
Multiple data services, file and block protocols, and network support Optimal flexibility for virtualized environments
Hybrid Storage Pool combines Flash SSDs with high-capacity, low-cost disks Increase performance while lowering acquisition and operating costs
Built-in, inline deduplication combined with ZFS compression Significant cost and space savings in storage consolidation and virtualization environments
DTrace storage analytics Rapidly troubleshoot, locate and isolate problems
Simultaneous multiprotocol support across multiple network interconnects Single platform simplifies storage deployment and reduces administration costs
31 to 41% faster than Netapp in administration, provisioning, and troubleshooting Lower operating costs, quick deployments and better SLA compliance
ZFS file system with advanced error detection and self-healing capabilities Reduced risk of data loss


  • Optional cluster for high availability
  • Up to 192 TB raw capacity
  • Up to 144 GB DDR3 DRAM
  • Up to 4 TB Flash-enabled read-cache
  • Up to 288 GB Flash-enabled write-cache

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