Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliance

Scalable, Efficient Enterprise NAS

Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage 7420 appliance sets a new standard in enterprise NAS with best-in-class efficiency with Hybrid Columnar Compression. It delivers the scale and functionality that enterprises demand combined with easy, appliance-based setup and administration that simplify management and lower TCO.

  • Sun ZFS Storage 7420
  • Sun ZFS Storage 7420
  • Sun ZFS Storage 7420
Feature Benefit
Only NAS platform with Hybrid Columnar Compression

Dramatically lowers storage footprint, cost, and complexity, and provides 3x to 5x higher efficiency on Oracle Databases

Hybrid Storage Pools

Built-in tiered storage with automated data placement across DRAM, Flash, and disk

DTrace storage analytics

Intuitive, visual analysis of performance and capacity for rapid troubleshooting and simplified management.

Advanced data services

Inline deduplication and ZFS compression save on space and cost in storage consolidation and virtualization environments

Multi-protocol and connectivity support

Seamlessly integrates any into any file or block environments, including iSCSI, InfiniBand, and fibre channel

ZFS file system

Provides advanced error detection, self-healing, triple-RAID parity and triple-mirroring for high availability.

Best-in-class hardware architecture

Better storage consolidation and overall performance, with 10x more memory cores than NetApp FAS 3270 and up to 3.4 PB of raw capacity

2x better SPC-1 IOPS performance and price/performance with the Sun ZFS Storage 7420 M2 Appliance* than NetApp FAS 3270A** in SAN environments

Fewer and smaller storage devices needed to support business critical databases and applications, resulting in lower TCO

Oracle integration

Faster Oracle Database backup and recovery and superior streaming performance for Exadata backup and recovery

Better price-performance - 4x than NetApp on Exadata Backup and Restore and 2x better* than NetApp FAS 3270A** SPC-1 in SAN configurations

Lower total cost of ownership


Cluster-ready system



Results as of October 1, 2011. Source: Storage Performance Council NetApp 68,035 SPC -1 IOPs and Sun ZFS 137,066 SPC-1 IOPs
NetApp $7.49/SPC-1 IOP and Sun ZFS Storage Appliance $2.99/SPC-1 IOP
*Oracle Sun ZFS Storage 7420 M2 Appliance:
**NetApp FAS 3270A:

Oracle 1-800-633-0738

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