Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-BA

Fastest and Lowest Cost Backup and Recovery

Oracle ZS3-BA ensures the highest levels of backup and recovery, maintains the capacity savings and performance advantage gained by Hybrid Columnar Compression, and removes the need for third-party software and data reduction systems, enabling engineered systems customers to meet SLAs, reduce cost and decrease risk.

  • Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-4
  • Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-4
  • Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-4
  • Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-4
Feature Benefit
Co-engineered with Oracle Database and engineered systems

Accelerates performance, reduces management complexity, and lowers TCO.

Purpose-built for Oracle engineered systems

Expedites and eases deployment, configuration, and management.

Direct connect InfiniBand networking to engineered systems

Fastest bandwidth available, 40 Gb/sec, much higher than competitive systems.

Suppports standard Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) methodology

Avoids costly backup inefficiencies, third party software and extraneous hardware expenditures.

Only NAS platform with Hybrid Columnar Compression

Dramatically lowers storage footprint, complexity, and cost; compresses data 10x-50x and reduces backup/restore windows as well as capacity required for secondary processing such as development and test clones of the backup data.

Only storage with Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol

Reduces setup and tuning of ZS3 Storage for Oracle Database 12c by over 65% to free up valuable administration resources and speed return on investment.

Hybrid Storage Pools

€œDynamically and intelligently serves 70-90% of I/O from the fastest possible media (DRAM).

DTrace storage analytics

Simplifies management and expedites performance bottleneck troubleshooting and resolution with intuitive, visual analysis and end-to-end metrics.

ZFS file system

Provides advanced error detection, self-healing, triple-RAID parity and triple-mirroring for high availability.

Multi-threaded SMP operating system and high performance hardware architecture

Takes full advantage of the power delivered by more cores, DRAM memory, and Flash than competitive systems to accelerate overall performance and enable storage consolidation along with the ability to run advanced data services without performance degradation.

10 GbE and 16 Gb FC connectivity options

Provides rapid access to Oracle’s StorageTek tape storage solutions for archival or cold data storage. Delivers high-performance backup/restore as a target for Oracle Database installations running on Oracle’s SPARC T5, M5, and M6 systems as well as non-Oracle servers.



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