Sun Flash Module

World's First Enterprise-Class Flash Module
Oracle's Sun Flash Module is the world's first enterprise-quality, open-standard Flash device designed and built to an industry-standard SO-DIMM form factor. The Sun Flash Module delivers unprecedented I/O performance, saves on power, space, and cooling, and will enable new levels of server optimization and data center efficiencies.

Key Applications

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Web 2.0
  • Financial trading and exchanges
  • Telecommunications


  • World's first open-standard Flash design
  • Industry-standard SO-DIMM form factor to reduce space requirement
  • Enterprise-class performance with cost and power savings
  • Higher efficiency lowers overall TCO


  • 24GB capacity
  • 64MB DRAM buffer
  • Small laptop memory form factor: SO-DIMM/JEDEC MO-258A
  • 3Gb/sec SATA-II
  • 7 x 24 x 3 years reliability

More Specifications

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