Sun Storage 2500-M2 Array

High Availability and Scalability at Entry-Level Prices

Oracle’s Sun Storage 2500-M2 array brings together the latest fibre channel and SAS-2 technologies with Oracle's intuitive Sun Storage Common Array Manager software to create a NEBS Level 3 certified SAN solution.

  • Sun Storage 2500-M2 Array
  • Sun Storage 2500-M2 Array
Feature Benefit
Tested and certified with Oracle solutions

Oracle Optimized Solutions increase efficiency, lower deployment risk, and reduce TCO

NEBS Level 3 certification

Ensures continuous high-speed data delivery even in the most rugged environments

Sun Storage Common Array Manager

Simplifies management with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface

Optional data services

Provides enhanced data protection and security

Performance enhancer software

Provides up to 2x performance improvement over previous generation arrays

Industry leading price/performance

Ideal storage foundation for midsize companies that require a balance of price and performance

Scales to 192 drives

Ability to grow as needed without being locked into an expensive initial purchase of multiple drives

Oracle 1-800-633-0738

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