Pillar Axiom 600

High Performance, Highly Efficient Modular Storage System

Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 storage systems deliver industry-leading storage consolidation that combines high, predictable performance with extreme efficiency. A single Pillar Axiom 600 storage system can effectively support multiple applications with different business priorities and storage profiles through its patented Quality-of-Service (QoS) architecture that dynamically reacts to storage loads to meet stringent service level agreements. Pillar Axiom systems break the limitations of traditional two-controller SAN storage systems with a next-generation, modular design that scales up to 8 storage controllers, 128 RAID controllers, and multiple storage technologies that offer near-linear scaling of storage capacity and performance.


  • Oracle Database and Oracle Application deployments
  • Data center storage consolidation
  • Virtual environments
  • Cloud storage service and Infrastructure


  • Application-aware storage that delivers predictable performance and efficient consolidation
  • Scales to 1.6 PB capacity
  • Patented Quality-of-Service system architecture that reserves end-to-end storage capabilities
  • Next-generation modular hardware with near-linear performance and capacity scaling
  • Application profiles that simplify set-up and management
  • Oracle software integration with Hybrid Columnar Compression support for Oracle Database, Oracle VM Storage Connect, and Oracle Enterprise Manager plug-in
  • Multi-technology RAID pools for efficient utilization of all SSDs and HDDs
  • Robust Pillar Axiom software environment with support for storage domains, replication and management
  • Non-disruptive hardware and software add-ons and upgrades
  • Multi-tenancy with physical storage separation using Pillar Axiom Storage Domains


  • 5 levels of Quality-of-Service for each storage tier
  • Up to 8 storage controllers and 128 RAID controllers
  • Suport for SSDs, fibre channel disks, and SATA disks
  • iSCSI and fibre channel SAN Support
  • NFS and CIFS support for File I/O
  • Synchronous and asynchronous replication services
  • Single pane of glass management of multiple Pillar Axiom 600 storage systems
  • HTTP/HTTPS RESTful API for cloud access

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