Pillar Axiom Software

Integrated Software for Pillar Axiom Products

Oracle’s Pillar Axiom storage system uses a patented, Quality of Service (QoS) based architecture that works with both predefined and administrator-created policies to deliver a robust, efficient, and easy way to manage storage environments. Multiple storage systems can be easily administered using Pillar Axiom’s graphical user interface or command line interface. Replication, data protection services, copy services, capacity planning, and a host of other enterprise features provide a complete, powerful, software environment for enterprise storage deployments.

  • Pillar Axiom 600
  • Pillar Axiom 600
  • Pillar Axiom 600
  • Pillar Axiom 600
Feature Benefit
QoS design

Ensures predictable performance for each application when consolidating storage and each client in cloud environments

Online QoS adjustments

Optimizes Pillar Axiom to any application’s I/O need on the fly

Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) support for Oracle Database

Store 10x-50x more data in storage purchases and operational expenses compared to competitive systems

Oracle VM Storage Connect support

Integrated system and storage resource provisioning and management for virtualized server and cloud environments.

Thin provisioning

Reduces upfront capital expenditures

Optimized multi-tenant design

Supports public and private clouds and increases data availability

Easy-to-use GUI

Reduces operational expenditures and mitigates risk

Distance replication and application consistency protection

Rapid application recovery from data loss, corruption, and/or environmental disasters

Capacity planning

Reduces the possibility of unexpected performance issues

Supports FC, iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS

Improves I/O efficiency and reduces capital expenditures

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