StorageTek 4 Gb Fibre Channel ATCA HBA

Ideal for Sun Netra ATCA Carrier-Grade Platforms
Featuring the award-winning LightPulse Fibre Channel (FC) architecture from Emulex, Oracle's StorageTek 4 Gb/sec FC ATCA Host Bus Adapter (HBA), Dual Port, is a highly integrated connectivity solution for enterprise class SANs. It delivers unsurpassed performance and flexibility for your most demanding storage networking applications

Key Applications

  • Voice, video, and data services
  • Carrier-grade telecommunications
  • Large or mixed OS SANs


  • Industry's highest-performing 4 Gb/sec FC PCIe HBA form factor
  • Features LightPulse FC architecture from Emulex
  • Enterprise-class I/O connectivity
  • Ruggedized design
  • Reduced thermal and power requirements for carrier-grade chassis
  • HBAnywhere for centralized, scalable, enterprise SAN administration


  • Dual-port 4 Gb/sec FC link speeds
  • PCIe AMC HBA form factor
  • NEBS Level 3 certification
  • Supports Solaris and Linux OS
  • Supports Sun Netra SPARC and x64 server platforms