StorageTek 9840 Data Cartridge

A Fast Data Cartridge for Fast Tape Drives
Access more amounts of data faster with Oracle's StorageTek 9840 data cartridge. Designed concurrently with the StorageTek T9840 tape drives, the StorageTek 9840 cartridge provides fast access of up to 75 GB of data on a single cartridge. Plus, it’s backward compatible with three prior generations of StorageTek T9840 tape drives, protecting your media investment.

Key Applications

  • Cost-effective offline storage
  • Fixed-content storage
  • Backup and restore
  • Offline processing


  • Fast average file access time of 8 seconds
  • Stores up to 75GB on a single, reusable cartridge
  • Backward compatible to three previous generations of StorageTek T9840 tape drives
  • Compatible with StorageTek Volsafe secure media technology
  • High reliability for strenuous read/write and retention
  • Cost-effective alternative to disk storage


  • Capacity: 20GB (T9840 A/B), 40GB (T9840C), 75GB (T9840D)
  • Supported tape drives: T9840A, T9840B, T9840C, T9840D
  • Same media works in four generations of drives