StorageTek VolSafe Secure Media Technology

Meet the Most Demanding Regulatory Requirements

Oracle's StorageTek VolSafe secure media technology is the industry's premier non-erasable, non-rewritable, tape-based, write- once, read-many (WORM) enterprise storage solution. Once your information is written to tape, additional information can be added or read as often as needed but can never be changed, modified, or deleted. Additionally, VolSafe technology meets the most-demanding electronic storage regulatory requirements, including those of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


  • Permanently writes and protects data, addressing regulatory requirements and business continuity
  • When combined with StorageTek tape libraries, VolSafe provides a highly-scalable, reliable and fast WORM storage solution
  • Supports the most demanding electronic storage regulatory requirements, including those of the Securities and Exchange Commission


  • Works in all of the StorageTek enterprise T-Series tape drives without additional hardware or software
  • Uses VolSafe media for specific drive support
  • Provides unequaled performance

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