StorageTek Enterprise Library Software

Multiple Functions, One Easy-to-Use Software Package
Looking for a simpler way to manage your tape automation environment? Oracle's StorageTek Enterprise Library Software (ELS) integrates key functions into one easy-to-install package that’s helps you reduce complexity; boost productivity; and improve reliability, availability, and serviceability.

Key Applications

  • IBM z/OS and z/VM environments
  • Fujitsu MSP environments
  • IBM System i (OS/400) environments


  • Integrates key functions into one simplified software package
  • Easy to install, configure, and use
  • Intuitive user interface eases management
  • Improves productivity and usability at lower cost
  • Enhanced disaster recovery capabilities reduce risk of data loss
  • Optimizes your StorageTek tape automation environment


HSC Compatibility Software

  • z/OS version 1.6 or higher

Tape Drives

  • StorageTek T10000A tape drive
  • StorageTek T10000B tape drive
  • StorageTek T10000C tape drive
  • StorageTek T9940A tape drive
  • StorageTek T9940B tape drive
  • StorageTek T9840A tape drive
  • StorageTek T9840B tape drive
  • StorageTek T9840C tape drive
  • StorageTek T9840D tape drive
  • StorageTek TimberLine 9490 tape drive
  • StorageTek TimberLine EE tape drive

More Specifications

Tape Libraries

  • StorageTek SL8500 Modular Library System
  • StorageTek SL3000 Modular Library System
  • StorageTek PowderHorn 9310 tape library
  • StorageTek TimberWolf 9740 tape library

Tape Virtualization

  • StorageTek VSM 4/5
  • StorageTek Virtual Library Extension (VLE)
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