Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array TCO Calculator

Oracle's Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array is the world's fastest and most power efficient flash array for accelerating databases and I/O intensive applications. It redefines database performance, cutting transaction times in half and doubling application throughput.

By entering information about your own application data environments, the Flash Array Calculator can show you how much how much power, space and storage cost savings you might achieve with the Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array.

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Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array TCO Calculator
Performance (IOPs)
List Price for 24GB Flash Module (ea)
List Price for 300GB 15K RPM HDD (ea)
Administrator time
to identify failed drive, replace, format, rebuild, and verify fix.
Administrator salary
Power costs
24GB Flash Annual Failure Rate (AFR)
2.25% default
4.5% default
Rack Unit Data Center Space Cost (per 1RU)
300GB 15K HDD
24GB Flash Module
Flash Savings
Response Time per device
Number of Drives Required
Drive List Price
Power Costs
Space Used
Space Costs
Drive AFR
Number of Drives To Replace
Drive Replacement Costs
Total Cost of Ownership

Notices and Disclaimers

Note: All results generated by the Flash Array Calculator are estimates for illustration purposes only and do not represent any guarantee or expectation of performance for a particular customer or the user. In addition, space savings are likely affected by a number of factors not included in these calculations. Actual results may vary. Thus, space savings realized in specific customer operating environments will likely vary from that listed above. Customers or users should conduct detailed analyses in order to generate results that reflect the specific circumstances of their environments.

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