Oracle Upgrade Advantage Program (UAP) - Terms and Conditions

Oracle Upgrade Advantage Program (UAP) is a trade-in program that provides financial trade-in allowances to customers that purchase new Oracle equipment, and agree to return the used equipment to Oracle.

UAP trade-in allowance may be applied for: 1) upgrade from server to server, 2) upgrade from storage to storage. Customers with a large volume of servers and storage systems to trade in can apply the trade-in value to both servers and/or storage systems (contact your local Oracle sales representative for details). Restrictions may apply for special programs and promotions.

UAP trade-in allowance may be applied to hardware items only.

  • Systems (servers and storage) trade-in allowance can be applied to the system base, configured options, expansions, as well as x-options to be installed in the same system as long as they are on the same order.
  • Components/Options trade-in allowance can only be applied to components/options (i.e., memory, CPU boards, tape and disk drives, etc.)

UAP trade-in allowance may be combined with the customer's standard discount. Maximum discounts may apply.

UAP trade-in allowance cannot be applied to products in pricing category D and Y.

UAP trade-in allowance cannot be applied to remanufactured, used products, or spares.

UAP trade-in allowance can be applied to purchases realized in a country other than the one where products "to be upgraded" are currently installed, in accordance with local regulatory and policy requirements.

Special conditions may apply for equipment purchased through Oracle Financing Division (OFD). For more information, please contact

To qualify for the UAP, the following conditions must be met:

  • Equipment to be traded-in must have been owned, installed and in use for a minimum of 120 days by the customer prior to date of the order, and in good working condition when returned.
  • System configuration to be traded-in must be stated in the quote (under return requirements). The ALW code for the trade-in must be included in the original order of the end customer.

Once the new equipment has been delivered, customer must:

  • Return the old system and components as specified on the quote (memory, drives, etc.)
    • Standard return policy is to have returned equipment made available for pickup within 120 days from the shipment date. For complex transitions, a one-time extension may be granted.
  • Return all associated items such as cables, and power cords. They should be packed with the returned equipment.
  • Remove all proprietary and confidential data from returned equipment.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure equipment is packed appropriately and is ready to ship from customer's loading dock.

Returns to Oracle designated location are free of charge from customer's loading dock.

Transfer of ownership of the returned equipment - from customer to Oracle - occurs when Oracle's designated freight carrier picks-up the equipment from customer's loading dock.

Returns are final. Once products have been picked-up by Oracle's designated freight carrier, they cannot be sent back to the customer.

Any exceptions to these terms and conditions must be approved by Oracle prior to the time of the order.

If the Upgrade Allowance Program requirements are not met, Oracle may take appropriate actions, such as preventing future use of Upgrade Advantage Program by delinquent customers.

UAP and its associated offerings may not be available in all countries, or for all products. Oracle reserves the right to change or modify the Upgrade Advantage Program, or other upgrade programs offered by Oracle, at any time.

For any clarification about the UAP program, please contact your local Oracle sales representative.

Oracle 1-800-633-0738