Certificate of Destruction

Procedure for Approval for Destruction of Trade-In Equipment

End Users must return trade-in equipment to Oracle within 90-days of Oracle's ship date. In some cases, End Users may have information/security regulations requiring them to destroy trade-in equipment, rather than return it to Oracle. Oracle has provided a "Certificate of Destruction" to accommodate these special cases. The End User/reseller MUST have approval from Oracle prior to destroying the equipment. This applies to both Direct & Indirect UAP Orders.

  1. The End User obtains a Certificate of Destruction.
  2. The End User completes the "Certificate of Destruction" in detail and faxes to his/her Oracle Sales Representative.
  3. The Oracle Sales Representative sends the completed certificate to the UAP Alias: UAP-Returns_WW@Oracle.com for a final approval.
  4. UAP Team reviews & returns the Certificate of Destruction to the Oracle Sales Representative. If approved, customer can proceed with the destruction.
  5. The Upgrade Returns Team updates the RMA database to reflect approval for destruction of trade-in equipment.
Oracle 1-800-633-0738