Extension Process

End Users must return trade-in equipment to Oracle within 120-days of Oracle's ship date. Periodically, extraordinary circumstances hinder an end user from meeting the 120-day return deadline. The Area Business Manager or Area Controller will grant Extensions on a case by case basis after considering length of time requested and the reasons for the request. The End User/Reseller must request the Extension prior to the end of the original 120-day return window in order to be considered.

Procedure for Obtaining an Extension

A. End User purchase directly from Oracle:

  1. End User contacts his/her Oracle Sales Representative to request an extension.
  2. The Oracle Sales Representative completes the "Upgrade Returns Extension Request" form and sends it for approval.
  3. If the extension is approved, a confirmation email will be sent to the Oracle Sales Representative for customer notification.

B. End User/Reseller purchase through Channel Distribution Partner (CDP)

  1. End User/Reseller contacts their Oracle Sales Representative to request an extension. (End Users may need to contact their reseller to determine the Oracle Sales Representative.)
  2. See steps two (2) through three (3) for purchasing directly from Oracle.
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