Supported Browsers


  Win XP Win Vista Win 7 Mac 10.x Solaris Linux iOS 3.x iOS 4.x Android 2.x
IE 9.x +   A A            
IE 8.x C C C            
IE 7.x C C              
IE 6.x X X              
Firefox 3.x – 6.x C C   C C C      
Firefox 7 + A A   A A A      
Chrome A     A          
Safari 5 +       A          
Safari 3.X-4.X       C          
Safari for iOS             A A  
WebKit/Android                 A
Opera 10.X     A A          

A Grade: browsers are fully supported for design and functionality. Minor differences in design are acceptable given browser differences or limitations. All bugs reported are considered a high priority and fixed asap.

C Grade: browsers are degraded or antiquated browsers. C grade browsers are not fully supported for look and feel but are spot checked for functionality. All bugs reported for C grade browsers are addressed.

X Grade: browsers are generally older browsers or newer fringe or beta browsers. They are not tested or addressed in bug fixes. Any browser not listed in this matrix is considered a X Grade browser.