Batch — HRMS — Payroll

The figure below illustrates the high-level workflow of Payroll processing. The initial setup is required to configure Batch Element Entries (BEE) for the payroll process. After the Payroll process is completed, the PrePayments process is run to distribute pay according to personal pay method. The NACHA process creates a flat file to be dispatched to banks. The checks are generated by the Check Writer process. The Costing process accumulates payroll and labor costs from payroll results. The Transfer to GL process creates journal entries for Oracle General Ledger. The External Process Archive preserves payroll run information and is mandatory to run Self-Service HRMS Online Payslip transactions.

In the benchmark execution, processes would be run in the following order:

  • Payroll Process
  • PrePayments
  • External Process Archive
  • Check Writer
  • Costing
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