Oracle Human Resources Analytics

Build an Agile Workforce

Oracle Human Resources Analytics provides the workforce information your HR professionals and front-line managers need to analyze workforce staffing and productivity, and to better design compensation that rewards performance.

  • Oracle Human Resources Analytics
  • Oracle Human Resources Analytics
  • Oracle Human Resources Analytics
  • Oracle Human Resources Analytics
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Time and Labor Analytics Enables monitoring of timecard status and late timecard submission. It analyzes reported productive and non-productive time and estimates reported time cost. This allows managers to gain insight into hidden cause and costs of overtime, absenteeism and low productivity. It helps reconcile reported time with time posted to payroll and projects. Integrated with Project analytics, Time and Labor analytics can also analyze reported time and labor cost by projects and project resources.
Payroll Analytics Provides complete information on various earnings, deductions, taxes, and special balances for the employees from pay run results. The payroll balances store granular pay run result balances as well as configurable aggregated summary measures. This allows customers to better analyze aggregated payroll, compensation or benefits costs e.g. total overtime, total net pay, total employer-paid healthcare cost, total employer taxes etc. as well as drill to detailed payroll element balances.
Workforce Gains and Losses Enables monitoring of the Headcount movement with various metrics like Hire, Transfer, and Termination etc using the Supervisor Hierarchy. The trend analysis of the headcount movement can be done over month, quarter, and year. The changes due to Reorganization of the employees under different supervisors can also be analyzed using the Workforce Gains and Losses.
HR Performance Analytics Correlate financial measures with key workforce metrics to demonstrate HR's strategic value in the organization and quantify the return of investment on HR and the workforce
Operations Analytics Provide workforce planning with easy visibility into global staffing, retention, contingent labor usage, and improved workforce performance by focusing on internal mobility and talent development
Compensation Analytics Monitor total payroll costs, e.g. payroll costs, overtime spend, and variable compensation. Analyze employee compensation with performance; reward and retain high performers with potential
Receivables Analytics Monitor DSOs and cash cycles to manage working capital, manage collections, and control receivables risk
Recruiting Analytics Measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire recruitment lifecycle including new hires' post-hire performance
Learning Management Analytics Assess learning offerings and how those programs affect employee performance and tenure, and monitor program enrollment and completion to understand how activity and completion affect quality of workforce
Leave and Absence Analytics Monitor planned and unexpected absence events to gain greater insight into lost productivity, and measure absence events over time to highlight trends and exceptions
Proactive Intelligence Oracle Human Resources Analytics can send an alert to the plant manager and company controller. Armed with this information, they quickly correct the deviation, preserve profit margins and examine alternatives to paying overtime such as hiring contractors or more full-time workers
Pre-built data models and metrics Oracle Human Resources Analytics includes pre-built data models, more than 100 metrics, and best practices - enabling organizations to implement more quickly, with less risk, and at a fraction of the cost required to build traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions
Oracle HR Analytics for Oracle Fusion Applications Oracle Human Resources Analytics extend Oracle Fusion Applications with deeper insight into an organization's past, present and future performance trends. It delivers complete, consistent analytic information, to support the full range of decision making needs from tactical to strategic
Powered by Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation High performance, highly scalable next generation product for reporting, ad hoc query, OLAP, dashboards and scorecards, delivered on an architecturally unified foundation that is complete, open and integrated
Exalytics Ready Eighty-plus Oracle's analytic applications are available today for organizations to use in conjunction with Oracle Exalytics without application changes. A combination of Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine and Oracle's market leading analytic applications enables you to go beyond the traditional boundaries of data analysis and extract relevant business insight from massive volumes of data at the speed of thought
Talent Management Analysis Helps HR and business managers assess talent strengths and build potential leaders by delivering greater insight into job profiles
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