Oracle Project Analytics

Innovate Without Compromise

Oracle Project Analytics provides out-of-the-box, role-based dashboards that enable project managers, executives, and accountants to monitor projects and control the risks that lead to budget and schedule overruns.

  • Oracle Project Analytics
  • Oracle Project Analytics
  • Oracle Project Analytics
  • Oracle Project Analytics
Feature Benefit
Resource Management Analytics

Provides project stakeholders with information on project requirements, resource utilization and the supply and demand of jobs and competencies. Executives can monitor utilization trends, identify underperforming organizations and anticipate resource shortages. Drill down paths lead from the organization to the resource and assignment level to uncover opportunities to increase utilization rates. Project managers get visibility into differences between actual and scheduled time by period, resource and role as wells as on the details and impact of unfulfilled requirement

Project Subledger Reconciliation

Aids project accountants in reconciling differences between the project sub ledger with the General Ledger for cost and revenue transactions. Six common situations are examined to discover root cause of the transactions not transferred from the Projects Subledger to the General Ledger

Executive Dashboard

This dashboard provides aggregated project performance data at the organizational level, allowing users to see the cumulative impact their projects in the cost, revenue and profitability of their organizations, while allowing them to drill down into more detail.

Project Management Dashboard

This role based dashboard is designed for Project Managers. It provides insight into all the key aspects of project performance, from high levels reports showing accumulated and trending data for a single or a group of projects, to detail reports showing cost, revenue and budget transactions.

Unified Source of Information

Oracle Project Analytics enables organizations to have a single, integrated view of project status, resources, budgets, cost, and billing data.

Integration with other BI Applications

Oracle Project Applications is tightly integrated with Procurement Analytics and Financial Analytics – enhancing visibility into project commitment by supplier, purchase orders, customer invoices per project, receivables aging per project and more.

Pre-built data models and metrics

Oracle Project Analytics includes pre-built data models, more than 100 metrics, and best practices - enabling organizations to implement more quickly, with less risk, and at a fraction of the cost required to build traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions.

Oracle Project Analytics for Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Project Analytics extends Oracle Fusion Applications with deeper insight into an organization’s past, present and future performance trends. It delivers complete, consistent analytic information, to support the full range of decision making needs from tactical to strategic

Powered by Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation

High performance, highly scalable next generation product for reporting, ad hoc query, OLAP, dashboards and scorecards, delivered on an architecturally unified foundation that is complete, open and integrated.

Exalytics Ready

Eighty-plus Oracle’s analytic applications are available today for organizations to use in conjunction with Oracle Exalytics without application changes. A combination of Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine and Oracle’s market leading analytic applications enables you to go beyond the traditional boundaries of data analysis and extract relevant business insight from massive volumes of data at the speed of thought.

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