Oracle Endeca Information Discovery

Self-Service Data Discovery

Businesses today must have a fast, focused response when something unexpected happens, or risk losing customers and revenue. Top performers know how hard it can be to analyze information that is vast, varied, and often outside the warehouse. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is a complete enterprise data discovery platform that combines information of any type, from any source, empowering business user independence in balance with IT governance. Now organizations can access the information they need, when they need it, to make business decisions they can trust.

  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery

Deliver Enterprise-Class Discovery
For IT teams under pressure to manage costs while still being responsive to the business, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery provides the benefit of an enterprise-class data discovery platform that balances empowering business users with IT governance. Leveraging self-service capability on a foundation of enterprise standards, enable users to load diverse datasources, configure easy-to-use applications, and iteratively expand them in a fraction of the time typically required to conform complex and ever-changing unstructured data.

Feature Benefit
Deploy Faster, Reduce BI Backlog, Build Rapid Prototypes

Enable Agility

  • Robust and flexible developer tooling, integrated with a patented in-memory engine, enables IT to rapidly build and deploy powerful discovery applications with maximum adoption in a fraction of the time, driving fast time to value
  • Provide self-service capabilities to offload reactive and 'one-off' projects to the business giving you time to focus on strategic projects
  • Built from the ground up to support agile, data-driven development, EID prototypes can be built in minutes, empowering IT to investigate new ideas and get feedback from the business early, and often
Tackle Big Data Variety, Unleash Model Free Discovery, Expose Concepts and Sentiment

Drive Innovation

  • Help the business uncover radical new insights by integrating diverse content in ways never before possible. Integrate new data sources and expose relationships across structured, semi-structured and unstructured content
  • Endeca's unique NoSQL-like data model and in-memory architecture eliminates the need for complex up-front modeling. Tackle data integration projects that were previously thought too expensive to the sheer complexity of the design
  • Take advantage of leading edge NLP techniques to expose themes, named entities and sentiment analysis from raw text
¬úProvide Trusted Data, Rely on Enterprise Scalability, Stop Vigilante Discovery

Promote Confidence

  • Through integration with Oracle BI and other repositories, share gold standard data sets and business definitions with the user community to ensure everyone's numbers match up
  • Scale the system incrementally as you add users and data without interrupting the business. Offer interactive analytics based on columnar, in-memory performance and multi-core processing. No complex tuning required
  • Build discovery applications using subject areas and metadata already provisioned within the Oracle BI common enterprise information model
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