Oracle Real-Time Decisions

Operationalize Big Data Analytics at the Point of Interaction

A complete decision management solution with self-adaptive learning that prescribes optimized recommendations and actions with messaging, imagery, products, and services within front-line business processes.

  • Oracle Real-Time Decisions
Feature Benefit
Personalized, Optimized, and Context-centric Decisions
  • Delivers the right offer, message, recommendation, treatment, or action in the right context, tailored and personalized
Cross-Channel Learning and Decisions
  • Provides a multichannel customer experience platform for true and consistent cross-channel operational decisions—from the Web to the contact center to point of sale, and across all lines of business
One Single Solution for Multiple Decision Management
  • Manages and optimizes any decision management use case such as customer acquisition targeting, email targeting and personalization, risk and fraud, content personalization, customer retention programs, etc.—through a single technology platform
Data, Rules, and Predictive Models
  • Combines business rules and self-learning predictive models through a balanced decision management framework
  • Enables you to arbitrate rules and predictive model scores in the context of organizational goals/KPI’s at the moment of a decision’s execution
Closed-loop Business Intelligence and Insight Discovery
  • Makes closed-loop, real-time learning immediately available for the next prediction to drive adaptive, high-value interactions
Business Controls
  • Provides a rich Web-based user application to manage, analyze and refine decisions over their entire lifecycle
Adaptive Targeting Automation with Self Learning
  • Automatically learns from each interaction through self-learning predictive analytics, autonomously updating predictive models with empirical observations of data
Decision Services for Business Process Optimization
  • Automatically renders decisions within a business process, creating actionable intelligence from data flowing through the process in real time
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