Amplifi Commerce


Amplifi Commerce is an eCommerce & eBusiness consultancy and leading provider of multi-channel commerce and interactive marketing services, enabling clients to navigate and thrive in today's digital economy. We rely on our deep cross-functional expertise within the commerce life cycle to extrapolate and comprehend the unique business challenges faced by clients trying to excel online.

Amplifi recognized early on that Oracle's investment strategy to build and acquire leading technologies across commerce, search, merchandising, consumer analytics, along with web experience and social engagement management, empower prospective clients with the most complete CX and Commerce solution set.

As a leading eCommerce & eBusiness consultancy for Oracle, our focus is on "amplifying" our Client's business. Amplifi has been enabling customers to build and grow their online business since its inception, providing a blend of outsourced-oriented services and support for internally managed initiatives leading to highly successful commerce engagements for both enterprise and mid-size clients alike. These include commerce production support, hosting, fulfillment, merchandising & marketing, interactive & creative design, commerce related analytics, and content/data analysis as examples. These services are invaluable to clients who are effectively moving their entire business model online and require a company who understands the ecosystem and requirements to make ecommerce successful. As such, Amplifi has built a model that is well positioned for offering Business Process Services "Powered by Oracle."

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