Oracle Applications Cloud

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Why Oracle?

Oracle has a rich history of offering applications as cloud services, starting more than a decade ago when we pioneered the concept of accessing applications on demand. Today Oracle Cloud offers the industry’s most comprehensive and integrated portfolio of cloud-based applications. Oracle Applications Cloud gives your business a new choice: Enterprise-grade, best-in-class business applications that can be deployed quickly in the cloud. Choose Oracle Cloud to offload IT management and focus on growing your business.

Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud
Human Capital Management Cloud

Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud empowers modern Human Resources (HR) to deliver great employee experiences through tools that leverage consumer technology to provide a personalized, easy-to-use experience that covers the full employee lifecycle.

Oracle Customer Experience Cloud
Customer Experience Cloud

Oracle connects every interaction your customer has with your brand through the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud. Only Oracle can help you deliver the best customer experience wherever your customer touches your brand – whether it’s on the web, via mobile, in-store, contact center, direct sales, or through social media.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud
Enterprise Performance Management Cloud

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud gives finance and planning executives cloud-based performance management systems composed of best-in-class, enterprise-grade applications.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud
Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud transforms your back office into a collaborative, efficient, and intuitive hub.

Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud
Supply Chain Management Cloud

No installation, short implementation, and a fast track to supply chain innovation.

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