Security Services

Assure Security and Compliance

From identity management and authentication services to compliance with regulations such as PCI and HIPAA, Oracle provides services to help assure the security and compliance of your data. Contact Oracle to learn how we can help you leverage best practices to make the most of your Managed Cloud Services deployment.

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Security Services
  • Federal Security Services:
    The Security Management option for U.S. Federal Government helps US agencies remain compliant with a range of federal legislative and executive mandates and directives. Oracle provides physical and logical isolation of operations in the secure Federal Zone of our Data Centers.
  • Payment Card Industry Compliance Service:
    Oracle Cloud Services is a Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider recognized by Visa and MasterCard since 2006. Let Oracle’s security and PCI experts help you achieve and maintain compliance with the PCI Data Security Standards.
  • HIPAA Security Services:
    Oracle HIPAA Security Services helps you achieve and maintain compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy and security rules.
  • Enhanced Security Services:
    Gain access to Oracle’s broad security experience. Beyond PCI or HIPAA compliance requirements, Oracle can help you address a growing number of security threats, as well as meet internal and external compliance requirements.
  • Identity Management Services:
    The Identity Management Services portfolio includes the Strong Authentication Service, Single Sign-On Service, Identity Federation Service, Identity Provisioning Service, and the Identity Analytics Service. Customers get the benefit of implementation, configuration, and integration of Oracle Identity solutions with Oracle applications hosted in the Oracle Cloud.
  • Strong Authentication Service:
    Strong Authentication Service provides multi-factor authentication to protect application environments against unauthorized access and deliver real-time web fraud detection and prevention.
  • Single Sign-On Service:
    Single Sign-On Service provides web-based single sign-on authentication to Oracle application environments, thereby helping reduce proliferation of user identities and passwords and minimizing the risk of passwords being compromised.
  • Identity Federation Service:
    Identity Federation Service enables cross-domain single sign-on to multiple applications in different network domains, thereby reducing identity proliferation, providing improved security via a consistent security policy across applications and service providers, and enabling centralized visibility across service providers.
  • Identity Provisioning Service:
    Identity Provisioning Service improves productivity, provides improved security, and reduces costs via automation of account/privilege provisioning processes.
  • Identity Analytics Service:
    Identity Analytics Service provides account analytics capability with a data warehouse for identity data, improves productivity via role-based administration, and provides improves security by enforcing segregation of duty rules across applications.
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