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Is your customer relationship management (CRM) system helping you to sell more?  Or did the transformation to sales force automation get lost in translation?

Customers' Success with Oracle Sales Cloud

Customers' Success with Oracle Sales Cloud and Sales Force Automation (SFA)

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The truth is most CRM software isn’t meeting the needs of today’s sales force - and sales reps, managers, and companies are suffering.

  • Sales reps spend 78% of their time searching for information and only 22% selling
  • 40% of sales managers are concerned about missing quota
  • Just 3% of companies say their forecasts are "always accurate"

In addition, salespeople and leaders have become increasingly more mobile, sales processes have become more social and there is more customer data available than ever before. Traditional CRM systems just simply don’t cut it anymore.

Oracle designed its cloud-based CRM solution with the needs of the sales force and sales leaders in mind, providing sales force automation (SFA) technology that allows reps to sell more, managers to know more, and companies to grow more.

Reps Sell More

Empower sales reps with the answers they need where and when they need them. Anytime, anywhere access helps reps manage accounts and relationships, grow their own pipeline, and connect with managers and teams. It’s part of a mobile-first strategy designed to free them from administrative tasks and maximize selling time.

Point of View: Sell More Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Point of View Video: Oracle Sales Cloud

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Managers Know More

Gain the information edge and make it count. Instant access to key metrics and reports help managers forecast more accurately and hit sales targets with no surprises. Benefit from the power of sales force automation (SFA), delivered by the information leader, including the ability to visualize, track, and act on trends—even on-the-go.

Companies Grow More

Set the right strategies for growth, because you've got to get it right. Maximize revenue with optimal sales force coverage and incentives that motivate your sales organization. Get more deals and close faster when you harness customer information, channel partners, and marketing.

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