Application Access Controls Governor

Real-Time Enforcement of Segregation of Duties and Access Policies

The ability to fine-tune and track user access is key to complying with regulatory requirements and ensuring corporate security. Oracle Application Access Controls Governor provides real-time monitoring and proactive enforcement of crucial access policies, such as those that support segregation of duties (SOD). The system anticipates potential SOD conflicts before they arise, and even prevents any assignment of roles or responsibilities within an application that would compromise proper segregation of duties. Application Access Controls Governor also extends key access controls to "super-users" and temporary or contract workers.

  • Risk Management & Financial Governance
Feature Benefit
Built-in, best practice library of SOD controls
  • Enables rapid deployment of SOD policies across the enterprise
Enables rapid deployment of SOD policies across the enterprise
  • Provides greater flexibility to define SOD controls based on your policies and business needs
Application of SOD rules across multiple business applications
  • Allows you to define rules once and reuse them for better control and auditing
Graphical simulation tool to discover SOD conflicts before deploying access changes
  • Allows you to easily identify access points and SOD conflicts visually to take corrective action
Real-time monitoring and prevention of inappropriate user access
  • Reduces the number of SOD violations that can occur and reduces end-of-period remediation and audit cycles
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