Configuration Controls Governor

Powerful, Flexible Control over Application Integrity and Functionality
Ensuring data and application integrity is a fundamental business requirement to implement an effective IT governance strategy. Oracle Configuration Controls Governor is an automated solution that controls and tracks changes to key application setup data, using notifications and detailed reports to facilitate change management without burdening core business operations. The solution enables tracking of all changes, providing a detailed audit history, and records designated setup values, permitting quick comparison of values from different points in time or environments. With Oracle Configuration Controls Governor, you can ensure application integrity, audit changes, and continuously monitor setups. As a result, you can reduce financial loss, regulatory cost, audit effort, and the risks associated with them. Adding Preventive Controls Governor enhances these benefits by blocking unwanted changes, requiring third-party approval and/or reason codes for sensitive changes, and logging change attempts.


  • Monitor key setups for any change, track "Who, What, Where and When," and receive notification of critical setup changes
    Complete audit trail for changes to key configurations
  • Document application setup with point-in-time snapshots
    Accelerated analysis and audit
  • Identify changes and discrepancies with snapshot comparisons, to manage changes that can have significant financial or regulatory impact
    Consistent setup and operating standards across multiple environments