Oracle Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance Manager - Fusion Edition

For many organizations, the greatest GRC challenge is creating a consolidated view of compliance, risk and internal controls. GRC work is commonly performed by different operating teams managing separate requirements. With a common foundation, Oracle Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance Manager - Fusion Edition (Enterprise GRC Manager) facilitates the enterprise management of GRC programs while natively-built components address individual requirements. This unified approach promotes overall insight, shared practices, reuse of work, efficiency, and cost savings and tackles the problem of siloed GRC responses without imposing a one-size-fits-all solution.


  • Reduces overlapping policies, risks, and controls and streamlines the GRC process with a consolidated platform.
    Information silos are removed and redundant tasks avoided through the use of a single, consolidated repository for all GRC initiatives.
  • Supports enterprise risk management in addition to regulatory compliance and controls.
    The common foundation and enterprise risk management framework unify organizations' critical GRC programs while facilitating cross-enterprise, risk-based modeling, analysis and treatment.
  • Presents unique capabilities from its underlying Fusion Middleware 11g technology.
    As an end-to-end answer to GRC needs with applications to industry-specific or individual regulatory requirements and support for Oracle and non-Oracle business applications, Enterprise GRC Manager is complete, open and integrated.
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