Financial Governance

Increase Efficiency of the Financial Close, Consolidation, and Compliance Processes. Improve Reliability of Financial Management and Reporting. Facilitate Conversion to IFRS.

Faced with multiple priorities including the oversight of financial transactions, management of enterprise performance, and attestation of financial reporting, many CFOs grapple with the issue of improving governance of their financial processes. The Office of Finance is seeking ways to increase efficiency in the management of the financial close and compliance processes, and introduce International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to replace U.S. GAAP. When delivered as a comprehensive solution, Financial Governance can support CFOs in their efforts to build controls along the close cycle, achieve risk-adjusted insight with unified financial reporting and compliance analytics, and enhance the timeliness and quality of financial reporting.



Leverage Gain Accomplish
Financial Governance Efficiency in financial close and compliance
  • Ensure the integrity of the data collection process with financial data quality management
  • Lower cost and streamline audits by automating financial close and compliance process
  • Reduce time to close to focus on more value-add analysis & forecast activities
  Effectiveness of operational controls
  • Ensure integrity of business process and information with automated controls
  • Manage by exception with continuous controls monitoring
  • Shift management focus to preventive controls instead of reactive controls
  Risk-adjusted insight to facilitate AS5-based risk assessment
  • Gain insight into critical risk areas with executive dashboards and drill down reporting
  • Prioritize control activities with quantitative and qualitative risk assessments
  • Accelerate risk response with intelligence that brings together risk ratings and financial balances


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