Advanced Controls

Powerful, Flexible Control over Operations

Fusion GRC Advanced Controls offers you the flexibility to choose the level of control that you want to enforce over setup data and transactions. GRC's automated control solutions track changes to key application setup data, continuously monitor business transactions, and allow you to control the viewing and editing of data using fine-grained controls.

  • Performance Operational Controls
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With Fusion GRC Advanced Controls, you can:

  • Monitor and prevent changes to key setup data and track the who, what, where and when of those changes
  • Receive notifications of critical setup changes
  • Continuously monitor transactions across business processes, such as procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, hire-to-retire, and more
  • Increase visibility into the actual operations of the controls environment
  • Mitigate exposure to errors, misuse, and fraud from out-of-policy business transactions
  • Ensure data integrity with field, block, and form change control
  • Restrict what information users can see per transaction to protect sensitive information
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