Preventive Controls Governor

Ensure Data Quality and Privacy with Granular Control

The Oracle Preventive Controls Governor provides fine-grained control over user viewing and editing of key data, while tracking changes (or attempted changes) by users. With it, you can limit or control which data fields your applications users can change or see, define the types of data that users can input into various fields, and limit the values of transactions to enforce regulatory or corporate guidelines. The Oracle Preventive Controls Governor provides not only assured regulatory compliance and protection against fraud, but also the prevention of many common data-entry errors.

  • Preventive Controls Governor
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Preventive Controls Governor allows you to:

  • Monitor changes to key setups and track the Who, What, Where and When of the changes
  • Receive notifications of critical setup changes
  • Have a complete audit trail for changes to key configurations
  • Document application setup with point-in-time snapshots
  • Accelerate the analysis and audit
  • Identify changes and discrepancies with snapshot comparisons to manage changes that can have significant financial or regulatory impact
  • Ensure consistent setup and operating standards across multiple environments
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