Enterprise Transaction Controls Governor

Continuous Monitoring of Business Transactions

Economic stress on companies has forced many to undertake cost cutting measures. While necessary, these measures have weakened organizations' internal controls, leaving them vulnerable to wastage and fraud. Oracle Enterprise Transaction Controls Governor continuously monitors transactions against policies to detect suspicious transactions or redundant business practices that get in the way of performance. By spotting anomalies in everyday transactions, the system prevents cash leakage and escalation of risk, fraud, and costly remediation.

  • Enterprise Transaction Controls Governor
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Oracle Enterprise Transaction Controls Governor tracks events that indicate:

  • Potential violation of internal controls - for example, an employee raises multiple requisitions for a single purchase totaling an amount greater than her approval level
  • Heightened levels of risk - for instance, an unexpected delay in anticipated cash receipts which would result in a shortfall in projected cash flow
  • Reportable events - for example, a foreign subsidiary writes off a significant bad debt

Oracle Enterprise Transaction Controls Governor allows you to:

  • Continuously monitor transactions across processes including procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, hire-to-retire, and more
  • Increase visibility into the actual operations of the controls environment
  • Systematically uncover inappropriate or suspicious transactions and control violations using statistical logic
  • Mitigate exposure to error, misuse, and fraud from out-of-policy business transactions
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